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Well hello there, I’m Amanda.

I’ve always been captured by pictures. I remember going to visit my grandma, who was born in Finland in 1912, and pouring over her albums like they were enchanting storybooks. I never had the chance to meet either of my grandfathers, so that was a way for me to know them. I love the stories that photos can tell, their ability to command such strong emotion and memories without a single word. Images, tangible photos, heal and bind people together.

As my own life and story has developed so has my love and knowledge of the technical side as well as the story telling side of photography.
I began to study photography in high school, got married, went to collage and then started having kids. I wanted to capture my children’s personalities and childhood better than a chain portrait studio could offer. I love being a mom, and [most] every minute of having and raising my babies- time is going by much too fast.

I originally went to school for early childhood education and have spent most of my life caring for and learning about kids and how they develop and learn. That is partly why I have found my place and strength with bellies, babies and young children in my business and have specialized in those areas since 2011.

I am a wife of 17+ years to my perfect match, who I am giddy in love with, and a mom to our 4 kids, Dyllan (14), Alaina(11), Jack (9) and Lea, who lived 3 days on earth in 2010 and lives in heaven forever. I love Jesus, people, life and laughter. I love the great outdoors and to travel near and far but Oregon is definitely my home. I could never get tired of iced tea and coffee or Mexican and Asian food…or ice cream. I’m a bit “crunchy”, not quite hippy. I love music of all…well, most kinds and I play the piano. I’d love to skydive but I am deathly afraid of heights and I’d love to go deep sea diving but I am afraid of large bodies of water. Someday, I might do both anyway.

I like to chat and I’d love to hear about YOU and your story!

Photo credits (clockwise from top left): My husband and I – Bunn Salarzon Photography, My family – Ashley Sturm Photography, doing what I love – client photo, Me with my kids – Emily Hall Photography and the birth of my daughter, Lea – Rebecca Gillock Photography.

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